Chris’s report of Summer Tanager reminded me that we had at least one male Scarlet Tanager here yesterday evening, 9/23.  I had been hearing the two-note chip for a few days now after not hearing it for a couple of weeks, at least.  We have have Summer Tanagers nest here, so I just assumed they had started in being vocal for some reason.  But I decided to get a last look at them before they left the area, and the one was definitely a Scarlet, which we do not ordinarily have.  It was interacting with what looked to be either a female tanager or a first-year male, but I wasn’t able to get a good look at that bird.  Both seemed to be doing the chip call, so perhaps a young male is more likely, but I’m not sure how actively the females might use that call.  They followed each other around about a half acre of woods for perhaps 15 minutes, taking turns following each other.
In other bird news, Elephant Rocks and Johnson’s Shut-Ins were both very quiet yesterday while we were there.  Not much was moving at Silver Mines CA, either. 
Ida Domazlicky
Cape Girardeau County

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