Fall Greetings!
As we're all eagerly anticipating and watching for avian jewels (warblers) to pass through our respective areas of the state on their way to their wintering grounds, I think we may sometimes forget that our sparrows (a.k.a. LBJs - Little Brown Jobs) are also beginning to trek through. I find myself in that boat until they "POP" up and give me a welcomed, "Hiya - how's it going?!" or a "It's okay now; we're here. We got this!".
That would be the case yesterday at Saline Valley CA at the "marshy" area. In the cattails where I was watching a rather drap female/first year Common Yellowthroat, there were two Swamp Sparrows quietly working low near the water. One did come out to say, "Hello!" with its raspy chip note, and then it dove back in searching for more food.
Later at home as I was walking down to the pond, I caught movement while hearing the chip notes of Indigo Buntings; I almost didn't lift my binoculars to follow up on ID. I'm glad I did as there at the edge of the yard were two Lincoln's Sparrows lurking under some vegetation possibly patiently waiting for me to pass by so they could continue foraging at the yard's edge.
I've heard reports of LeConte's and a few other sparrow species moving into MO. I searched here: to find that I'm not alone in seeing these.
Of note: I did happen upon two somewhat late recently fledged Indigo Buntings. One was begging for food in our yard while the other was at Saline Valley CA (both yesterday, 9/23). They had the bold yellow along the beak, no tail feathers, and both had difficulty in flying with what appeared to be underdeveloped wing feathers. While my MO history is founded in 6.5 years in the Bootheel where this would almost seem commonplace, I'm not sure if this is worth reporting to the Fall seasonal compiler now that I'm located in Central MO? Any input on this subject is welcomed.
Still seeing/hearing Common Yellowthroats at locations near water - mostly female and first-year birds.
Other migrants and birds of note (that others have also observed elsewhere):
Rose-breasted Grosbeak (multiple locations)
Philadelphia Vireo (Saline Valley CA)
a getting late Dickcissel (Saline Valley CA)
Summer Tanager (multiple locations)
Gray Catbirds (galore)
Magnolia Warbler (one-sie, two-sies)
Nashville Warbler (one-sie, two-sies)
Lesser Yellowlegs (Binder CL's shorebird area)
House Wren (still lingering at Hough Park Lake, 9/22)
Can't think of anything else noteworthy at this point.
Bird on Brethren!

Chris Barrigar
Cole Co.
Russellville, MO
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