Heather, et al.,

As unlikely as it would seem, a sighting of a frigatebird in Jackson County, MO  in September is not unprecedented!

On September 28, 1988, an adult female was photographed over Longview Lake by Larry Werner.  At least two others were sighted in Missouri in the 1980s, all connected with strong weather systems.  The frigatebird sightings are discussed on pages 45-46 in Robbins and Easterla, Birds of Missouri.

This has been an unusual weather year, with strong systems, and with very unusual bird occurrences, including the South Polar Skua in Oklahoma City, and multiple Blue-footed Boobies well out of range in southeast NM and northern AZ.  

Bird on, and keep those eyes skyward.

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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On Sep 19, 2013, at 11:42 AM, h_clenin wrote:

I know how ridiculous this might be, but I'm pretty certain I witnessed a frigatebird on my way to work just about an hour ago. 

I was headed west on I-70 and saw it between Odessa and Oak Grove. It was flying south/southwest. 

I know how unlikely that is but I've seen them before in Kauai,  Florida and Costa Rica and those wings are unmistakable!!!   It might havemmature been immature because I noticed a light throat/upper breast but the rest of the bird was black.

I didn't have a safe place to pull over as there was too much traffic but I was able to slow down and get a good look at the wings and flight. Really wish I could have gotten video. 

Heather Clenin
Lafayette County

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