FYI regarding the Chimney Swift numbers:

Greater Ozarks Audubon Society members counted the following in Springfield, MO:

Saturday, September 7:    rough count of 1113 birds in two towers at a local apartment complex.
Tuesday, September 10:   approximately 900-1000 swifts in one tower in the downtown square area of the city.
Friday, September 13:  approximating the same number (?) as Tuesday.

Since there are multiple large chimneys in the downtown area, some were estimating that perhaps 2000 swifts were entering multiple towers.

Kathleen Cowens
Springfield, MO
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Subject: Chimney Swifts at Clark School, Webster Groves

There have already been good Chimney Swift numbers at Clark Elementary School in Webster Groves.  On 9/16 there were 267, starting at 7:21 and ending at 7:34.  Then last night, the 17th, there were 332, starting at 6:54 and ending at 7:30 (drizzly conditions).

David Rabenau

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