I hope you have seen one, let me know as soon as you refind it.

Just a personal story.
I thought I saw a Frigate bird high overhead in Massachusetts when I was in my teens.  We didn’t have many TVs in Massachusetts then. I realized later in my 30s that it was a turkey vulture heading into a strong headwind, gliding downhill to gain speed. The wings were very slim and had a major didydral shape and with some missing tail feathers it was a perfect match.

Maybe we will get some hurricane birds soon.


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Correction: In case anyone wants to chase it down (and I was someone could to confirm), it was headed East when I first spotted it then banked South/South EAST...not southwest as my earlier email reported.

After Googling images to confirm, I'm now convinced that's what I saw.

Heather Clenin

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I know how ridiculous this might be, but I'm pretty certain I witnessed a frigatebird on my way to work just about an hour ago.

I was headed west on I-70 and saw it between Odessa and Oak Grove. It was flying south/southwest.

I know how unlikely that is but I've seen them before in Kauai,  Florida and Costa Rica and those wings are unmistakable!!!   It might havemmature been immature because I noticed a light throat/upper breast but the rest of the bird was black.

I didn't have a safe place to pull over as there was too much traffic but I was able to slow down and get a good look at the wings and flight. Really wish I could have gotten video.

Heather Clenin
Lafayette County

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