What is true is a designated Important Bird Area.  What also is true is a circus environment (main lake) and a forgotten, waste land called Little Creve Coeur and peripherals.
Having not birded the area for a while, I had naive hopes of observing fun migrants.  
A ski boat towing water skiers with ramps was on the main lake.   Visions of Terns or Gulls were dashed quickly.
The Waterworks Road area that had a mudflat is now an overgrown mass of cat tails.  The chance to see shorebirds or MIKIs taking a drink are no more.
Little Creve Coeur is an impenetrable mass of Lotus.  No water anywhere except at the main area.  Green gates still locked at a parking area for little CC although a path has been mowed to the new birding blind.  (Another quandary.)
A Mississippi Kite was observed as well as 8 Turkeys there.  Lots of American Goldfinch, too.


Bryan Prather
St. Louis Co. Mo.

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