A friend's father just passed away. He had a lot of bird books! My friend didn't really know much about them, and donated many to the library. I happened by the house, and there are a few that are not that old (some were 80 years old!) and not yet donated that I was wondering if someone would want. Would the Audubon center at Riverlands want anything like this? Here's what I've got. They are all large, hardback, coffee-table style:

"The world of Birds" - James Fisher and Roger Tory Peterson
"The world atlas of birds" - no main author really.
"The birds of Indiana" - Mumford and Keller
"Birds of Wisonsin" - Owen Gromme

Also a softback "Birds of the carolinas."

I can give them to the library, but thought I'd run it by the birders first...


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