Thanks to the info on the Mobirds  list, and Devin's directions as to where, exactly, to crane (sorry, wrong bird)  my neck, I was able to sight  a pair of Peregrine Falcons  at Central West End station.

Here are some SMS (Shamelessly Mediocre Shots) ...

I went, I saw (but I didn't conquer) the
se beautiful raptors
...watched them for a while. Reaching there by sunrise was a good idea...I couldn't see them after an hour or so of watching them fly might have gone to guard the nest, I guess, while the other flew off in search of prey.
The photos are a a high level of zoom, and so are very grainy. I couldn't get them in flight, either, as they kept flying between the buildings, out of sight very quickly.

Thank you, everyone! I'm thrilled, and I have a big pere-grin on my face now!

Cheers, Deepa.

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