The cool damp spring and summer has created maximum growing conditions for native grasses and forbs. I have surveyed White River Trace CA, Bohigian CA,  Dillard Mill SHS, Audubon Trails Nature Center, Big Springs State Park and other locations around the Ozarks and found native warm season grasses and forbs to be in excellent supply with large seed heads and visibility healthy plants. Black haw trees, persimmon trees, wild plum, dogwood and other native berry and fruit trees are laden with fruit as are acorn producing oaks and hickory nut trees. All in all there should be an ample supply of food for fall birds in our part of the state.
Other good news, this warm to hot weather is bringing the invertebrates out, insects are everywhere which will be a big help to migrants that come through looking to bulk up for the long flight home.
On the down side wild turkey nest and numbers took a hit this year due to the rain and weather, poult numbers are low, whereas quail populations look very good. Max Allager MDC Grassland Coordinator tells me that the Greater Prairie Chickens did good this spring and numbers should be on the rise.
Yours in Bird Conservation.
Mike Doyen
Rolla, MO
Bird by bird I've come to know the earth.
Pablo Neruda.

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