I took a birder from Spain to Riverlands and Columbia Bottom Thursday, Aug 29.   Columbia Bottom is almost totally dry.  All the ponds along the gravel road that had huge numbers of waders and good numbers of shorebirds  few weeks ago have dried up except for a couple of tiny puddles in two of the areas.   Needless to say there were no birds in these areas at all.

At Riverlands the new blind at the south end of Heron Pond is a sight to behold and looks to be very birder friendly.   What is needed now is water in that part of Heron Pond and Charlie Deutsch has promised that the pond will be filled soon.   There is still enough water to bring in a good number of waders and some shorebirds.  The river and Ellis Bay are at summer navigation levels with no shorebird habitat.
John Solodar
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