As of Wednesday, eBird usage in Missouri was on pace to increase by 33% over last year to over 19,000 submitted checklists. With that in mind, I wanted to organize all of Missouri's eBird hotspots to help all of Missouri's eBirders.

Ken Ostermiller (eBird's Hotspot Guru from Ohio) and Nicholas March helped me create a website that details all of Missouri's eBird hotspots:

The website provides a county-by-county and site-by-site account for Missouri's ~450 eBird hotspots.

eBird hotspots are (almost always) publicly accessible locations that have been suggested as good birding locations by eBird users (private hotspot locations are marked as such in the name; I don't believe Missouri has any at present). These may be conservation areas, state parks, national wildlife refuges, city parks, sod farms, etc.

We hope this new site may encourage Missouri's eBirders to recommend even more hotspots (incidentally, if anyone has submitted a hotspot since mid-April, it's in my queue and it should make it to the website and eBird in the next couple weeks).

If you're unsure how to submit a new eBird hotspot, step-by-step instructions can be found here:

Over the next few months, we hope to add a clickable county map, as well as make the site more mobile-device friendly. If anyone has a favorite hotspot and would like to contribute a more detailed description for that location, please email me and we'll get you set up. Right now, many location descriptions are rather bare bones.

This website is modeled to be a Missouri version of Ken Ostermiller's

Please feel free to send any comments/questions/etc to me offline at the email address below.


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