"Twitcher" as it applies to birders originated in the U.K.  It reputedly is not because we twitch and jerk upon seeing a bird, but refers to what we call a check mark (or making a check mark) as we mark the list to indicate we've added a bird to a life list (but can be any list).

The term is not limited to the international travel birding industry.  It was used in the U.K. (and may still be) to refer to anyone whose idea of great fun is to get to a "new" bird as often and quickly as possible to add the species to a personal list.

We sometimes use "twitcher" in the U.S., but more often use "lister" or "chaser".  These terms apply whether or not we are able to afford international twitching/listing/chasing.

Some people also call us "nuts", "obsessed" or just plain "weird".

The difference between one who remains in Missouri to add to a state list or in North America to work on the ABA life list, and one who travels internationally to add birds to a life list is usually very simple:  Money.

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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On Aug 5, 2013, at 3:39 PM, Mike Doyen wrote:

> Hi everyone.
> Doing some research and came across the very interesting term use in the international travel birding industry to define someone who is a fanatic birder, they are referred to as TWICHERS and they are usually highly specialized birders that comprise somewhere between 5% and 10% of the international birder community.
> So what do we call someone who just travels across the U.S or N. America birding? and ideas!
> Mike Doyen
> Rolla, MO
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