A few of us tried to refind Dave Rogles' and Tom Bormann's great birds today. Steve and Debbie Martin of Springfield, MO did refind the Tri-colored Heron and even took a couple of photos of the bird; however, as Rogles and Bormann told me, the Sharp-tailed Sandpiper flew away from where they originally saw it this morning and no one refound the bird as far as I know. Obviously this is a spectacilar find.
Pool 5 did have some other sandpipers--mostly pects, yellowlegs, Solitary Sandpipers, a few Spotted Sandpipers. Most of the peeps were Semi-palmated Sandpipers. At least six, maybe more, Stilt Sandpipers were in the mix.There was an adult male B-N Stilt with one young. The Common Gallinule, first seen and photgraphed last Sunday by Doug Hommert and found again by Michael Botz, was a hundred yards down the levee of Pool 5. 
Al Smith found five Black-crowned Night Herons in the last pool on the gravel road. There were Great and Little Blue Herons, and a few Snowy Egrets, but the majority (maybe as many as 700) Great Egrets in the mix on both sides of the gravel road. Both the Martins, and later Al Smith, reported seeing a Peregrine Falcon fly over.
In the grasses on the south side of the road, three hundred yards past the machine shed, there were two Sedge Wrens singing.  
Connie Alwood
north St. Louis County
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