I found the nest of the Mississippi Kite that dive-bombed me, and it is indeed IN our yard.  My main clue was finding a site online that said kites seldom attack people who are more than 35 yards from their nest.  That narrowed the field of possible trees considerably.   Today I observed a parent—high up at the end of our driveway as usual—calling to another kite—returning the call but sounding a bit rusty--that stayed in a big tulip poplar when the parent flew.  The poplar is the tree where the kite that buzzed me had been sitting and where it returned to.  Even when I know where the nest is, it’s hard to see, but there was a kite sitting on it at dusk today.  I feel undeservedly honored to have the nest there, not 30 yards from the house, though screened off from our view by a large tree.  Still, the young kite that now sits at the edge of the nest has grown up hearing me practice hammered dulcimer on all those nights temps were cool enough to have the closest window open, adding melodies to the katydid chorus.  I wonder what sorts of dreams we might have conjured up for it, and if it thinks dulcimer sounds are a normal part of every young kite’s night music. 
Ida Domazlicky
Cape Girardeau County

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