Blue Grosbeak Trail-
Rather quiet as was anticipated.
2 fun finds:
Active Cedar Waxwing nest
1st year male Orchard Oriole

Darst Bottom Road-
Scissor tail Flycatcher feeding 2 fledges in the large tree by nesting site.

Lost Valley Trail-
At the right hand side of the fork in the trail- very active.  Birds there:
2 immature/female Rose breasted Grosbeaks
Black and White Warbler
N. Parula feeding fledges
White eyed Vireo same as above
Acadian flycatcher-same
Summer Tanager female
And a late summer serenade by Wood Thrush, Pewee, Towhee, Yellow billed Cuckoo, Northern Parula etc.

Mystery bird- Also at that spot we had something that we hadn't seen before.  The bird had a brilliant red head while the rest of it was gray and white.  White wing bars were noted as it flew.  About the size of the female Tanager if not a tad smaller.  It appeared slender.  

Bryan Prather
St. Louis Co., Mo.

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