Clarence Cannon NWR, Pike co.

CINNAMON TEAL, male - Very rufous head, red eye, rufous/brown mottled body.
Blue/black unmarked bill. Biggish head with biggish bill.
Canvasback and Redhead have been completely ruled out.
NO photo but staff (Jason Wilson & Cody ???) confirmed it for sure.

Location on refuge:
First channel on the left (north side of road) past the wooden fenced in
parking lot for the Elevated observation deck (ramp gone from flooding)
This is about 1/3 of the way down the main road through the refuge.
Did not refind it after it ducked back into the grasses but the ducks et 
al like
to use this area so it could come back. Was seen yesterday basically in 
the same area.
Due to major heat distortion and distance was not positively IDed then.
There is also a N. PINTAIL, male, here as well with lots of Woodies and 
(good place to look for Mottled Duck as well)

Re: Trail to the elevated platform in Pool 7 (map with marked pools at 
office not
in the pamphlet outside)
This trail was originally closed at the parking lot but I asked if they 
would let us
walk down at least part of the the way to observe the birds. They 
obliged and moved
the sawhorse with the "trail closed sign" a few hundred yards down the 
It was closed due to damage sustained during the flood.
PLEASE (x100) do NOT go beyond this sawhorse with the "Trail closed sign" as
the trail is iffy after that AND if one goes further it will just spook 
the birds even

Tons of shorebirds in Pool MSU #7 but difficult to see but maybe walking 
down this trail can give
better views. Ones I could see from the main road: BB Plovers. BN 
Stilts, hear and see fly over
pects, both yellowlgs, peeps, spottie, solitary.........maybe a Sanderling.

Saw a WILLET in the pool I had all the Uplands and Buff-Breasted last year.
Pool MSU #11 which is the first pool on the right (south) past the 
with the road to the duck club.
Walk down the level on the west side of this pool to the SW corner or go 
down the main road (90 degree turn) toward Big Pond and walk down the levee
pathway on the south side of this pool.

If you go there and generate an eBird list please send your list to the 
refuge staff.
(e-mail address on their website and/or Facebook page.... sorry too tired to
look it up) A little compensation for letting us down the closed 
List or not, please let the staff know of any good birds seen on the 

IF you get photos of the CINNAMON TEAL or other rarities PLEASE send the 
to the refuge staff via the same e-mail address from their website.

Also CCNWR is having a refuge photo contest, check out Facebook page for 
(entry date expires soon)

Nitie-nite, good chasing, chow, yada, yada........zzzzzzz

Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.

Gas is 3.35 in Elsberry.
Police out in force around Winfield, Foley AND Elsberry.
One can still go through BK Leach (Kings unit) to get into Elsberry.
Just have to be careful as it is only one lane to get around the 

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