It was fun to see so many good birders and old friends at Columbia Bottom,
St. Louis Co., this morning.  No unusual shorebirds were present, but later
in the morning, while scoping from the road intersection near the levee, I
got onto a very distant group of 5-6 cormorants, one of which was
noticeably smaller than the others.  I tracked it as far as I could, but it
dropped down far away in the part of the area that's closed to the public
due to road closure.

So, if anyone goes there over the coming weeks, please keep your eye on the
cormorants.  While Neotropic has become more regular in Missouri/Illinois
lately, it's always a good find and would be a new species for Columbia
Bottom.  If you do happen to see one (or any other good bird) and are not
in the habit of reporting to CACHE, please notify me and I'll put up a
one-species list on your behalf, so as to get the species on the official
area list.


Bill Rowe
St. Louis
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