Agreed.  i think EP wanted to "make it new" while retaining the essence of classics.  Re, his idea of the spirit of prior poets being somehow incorporated into modern ones.  He was certainly not a classicist but made extensive use of not only classical forms but themes and personalities.

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Cf. Ezra Pound's MAKE IT NEW.

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One of the pre-eminently "classical" attributes is an indifference to originality. Indeed, in the classical artist, originality would be a fault. He is given, he is served out, with all he is supposed to require for his task: not his reason why, but to "get on with the job" ... He is tied hand and foot therefore to the values of his patrons. Their morals are his morals; it is the Weltanschauung that perforce he holds in common with them that is his subject-matter. -- Wyndham Lewis, 'Men Without Art' 

Some echoes here of what Eliot says in his essay on Tradition and what obtains in his work.