Seamus Heaney - A Homage
Liz Bury
The Guardian (UK)
30 August 2013 

'At the close of his Nobel address [Seamus Heaney] spoke of "poetry's power to do the thing which always is and always will be to poetry's credit": "the power to persuade that vulnerable part of our consciousness of its rightness in spite of the evidence of wrongness all around it, the power to remind us that we are hunters and gatherers of values, that our very solitudes and distresses are creditable, in so far as they, too, are an earnest of our veritable human being".'  

Vis-a-vis Eliot: some links

The Use of Memory: Seamus Heaney, T. S. Eliot, and the Unpublished Epigraph to "North"
Anthony J. Cuda
Journal of Modern Literature
Vol. 28, No. 4, Poetry, Poetics, and Social Discourses (Summer, 2005), pp. 152-175
Published by: Indiana University Press
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Three Critics: TS Eliot, Seamus Heaney, Geoffrey Hill
Serious Poetry: Form and Authority from Yeats to Hill
by Peter McDonald
Clarendon Press, 2002 

The Waste Land, Perspectives: Seamus Heaney on Encountering T. S. Eliot's Work 

INFLUENCES: The Power of T.S. Eliot 
By Seamus Heaney 
Boston Review
October 03, 1989

The influence of T.S. Eliot on Seamus Heaney