Thank you Marcia for making corrections.  I was at a loss about Robert Muldoon; it would not occur to me that anyone would make that kind of mistake.  How could someone on this list with all the tributes to Seamus Heaney from all over the world use Fox News as a source?  What serious person would use Fox for any source?  Of course you are absolutely right, Heaney is the 21st master of poetry.  Paul Muldoon is no where near the level of Heaney.  Why was a comparison made to Eliot and Muldoon? 


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Surely, and rightly, you mean 21st-century poetry.  And you must mean Paul Muldoon; but do you really think they share very much of the same poetic space?  Have you read PM lately; his virtues are not nearly as close to Heaney's as you imply.

Sad indeed,

David Boyd wrote:
Most by now will have seen reports of the death of this fine poet, and, like Eliot, Nobel Prize Laureate.

RIP, and in many ways irreplaceable, although Robert Muldoon is thankfully still stalking-about readily able to don at least part of the mantle

A sad day for 20th century poetry, to be sure.

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