Sorry for the booboo, Beliot, below, should be Eliot.

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A very significant review of TSOTGD is Ellic Howe's THE MAGICIANS OF THE GOLDEN DAWN. I found it very helpful,
very well documented. Nothing on Beloit, nothing on Williams who was only a minor member. Lots about the tarot.

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For a virtually contemporary take,
one could look at Chas. Williams' THE GREATER TRUMPS. Williams, like Yeats, Crowley, &c. belonged to the Society of the Golden Dawn which carried a lot of cultural weight at a time when the occult was very influential.

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The Tarot Fortune in The Waste Land

Betsey B. Creekmore
Vol. 49, No. 4 (Winter, 1982), pp. 908-928
Published by: The Johns Hopkins University Press
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"[T]he Tarot fortune is more than incidental to the meaning and movement of The Waste Land. ... "[I]ndividual reflection" provides meaning for the cards, since "the pictures are like doors which open into unexpected chambers or like a turn in the open road with a wide prospect beyond."

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Could the list throw light on the various ramifications of the symbol of wheel in TWL?

I had one in mind but of that later, after I hear from you.