Professor Cary Wolfe (Rice U) will visit MU on Sept 13, 2013 to give a public lecture entitled "Wallace Stevens' Birds" at 3:30pm in the Life Sciences Center (Monsanto Auditorium). Cary Wolfe is the Bruce and Elizabeth Dunlevie Professor in English at Rice University. He is a leading scholar in the area of bioethics and the author of five scholarly books and numerous articles as well as the co-editor of several anthologies. Below please find a brief description of Prof. Wolfe's lecture at MU; a more complete account of his CV is available on-line:

Professor Cary Wolfe, "Wallace Stevens' Birds"
This talk will deploy the theoretical insights of second-order systems theory and animal studies to explore Wallace Stevens' fascination with birds (and beyond that, with inhuman forms of life)--a fascination that extends well beyond the hoary bird/bard nexus familiar to us from the main line of Anglo-European poetry that he inherits. Listening to and watching Stevens listening to and watching his birds--which he does with unflagging intensity from the beginning of his career to the very end--allows us to rethink Stevens' inheritance and rearticulation of the legacy of Romanticism that comes down to him most clearly through Emerson.