I was halfway down our driveway yesterday morning when I stopped to reply to a text message from my daughter that came in as I was starting my walk.  As soon as I quit moving, I heard a M.  kite scream and looked left to see it leaving the top of the big tulip poplar at the edge of the yard (30 yards away) and heading towards me.  It swooped down low over my head, banked and turned and swooped low again.  Then it returned to the tree-top, where a curious hummingbird buzzed it before flying off.  I was wearing denim and chambray, plus a turquoise baseball cap.  What do you suppose that was all about?  To the best of my knowledge, there was/is no nest in this part of the neighborhood this year, only farther west a bit and possibly in the woods behind the house.  I kept myself from ducking when it swooped down, as it was about 10 feet over my head, and I was wearing a cap.  But I did not look up at it, so as not to get my eyes clawed if my guess as to its intention was wrong.  Interesting experience. 
I’ve never seen a MK even seem to notice people previously, let alone be irritated by one.  And that scream certainly sounded angry.  Is it day length getting the territorial hormones of spring going?  But why a person rather than another kite?  any ideas?
Ida Domazlicky
Cape Girardeau County

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