Our Mississippi Kite across our Joplin residential street
    is RTF now.  Just one.  They usually raise two (1 to 3 per lit.).
    30 days, both incubate, and 30 + days to fledge.  
    They'll feed on the wing for a while after fledging.  
    MIKI were common in southwestern Kansas in the early 80's
    when we lived out there.  They often dived at people.  The trees
    were not so tall there, so, perhaps we were in their space.
    Ours, at 50 ft, up is like the 3rd floor - no diving at hikers/bikers.

    Golfers out west used to complain about their game being off on
    account of diving MIKI's.  !

    I have always been surprised that they don't come down to the 
    ground on account of so many locusts (grasshoppers) to forage on.
    They do their thing just fine up above.  Awesome critters.  
    They'll winter in central South America per lit. They migrate through
    Mexico and not over the Gulf.  I saw MIKI when I was just a young
    man in Panama, Central America.  

    I have heard of several sightings here in extreme sw. MO. this season.
    They have become very regular in the last few years.  Another species
    that has expanded their range while others have declined.  

    Larry Herbert,  Joplin, Jasper Co., MO.  certhia  7-31-13.

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