Hi everyone,

This morning I noticed some movement in the trees outside the office, so I grabbed my bins and checked it out. I got just a short look at the bird, but I think it was a golden-crowned kinglet. I was looking at it from the front, and I couldn't see or didn't have a chance to check out it's wings. What I did notice was that the wind was blowing up the feathers on its head from behind. It's crown was a deep yellow edged in black. It definitely had an eye-line. The breast was pale and solid. That's all I got before it flew away, but I can't think of anything it could have been other than a golden-crowned kinglet. I considered a chipping sparrow whose crown looked oddly yellow due a trick of the morning light, but what about the black edges? It definitely wasn't an ovenbird. How unusual would a kinglet be here in the summer time? Are there any other options I'm not considering?

Amy J. Hoffman
Jefferson City
Cole County

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