A discussion list has to have a critical mass of subscribers
or it dies. For many years there was just such a critical mass on the TSE list.
Someone would start a topic and others would pick it up and add things (and it
wasn't always the exact same people, taking predictable "sides"). But
in recent years the erosion of subscribers has became startling. We are now
well below critical mass.

A major problem is that the TSE List is now a "private" list: Go to
the Missouri
web site and try to find it (

When you search through the index, you'll find that "TSE" is not

In a box labeled "Access Unlisted Archives" you can finally get to
the list if you know to type "TSE" in this box. Why is TSE unlisted?

In the past, if you did a Goggle search for "T S Eliot discussion
list," the Missouri
list would be the first entry, and it was easy to join the list from there.
That's how I found the list many years ago. Here's what you get now from


TSE: The Web Site - University of Missouri

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So the list has vanished. You have to already know the list exists to find it.
This is obviously a major stumbling block to getting new people involved in the

Why have the list owners done this? Is the list going to be open to the general
public again in the future?

-- Tom --