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Virgil's Hand  
The battle's slow and sinuous,
a stormy fire on the hilltops.
The enemy's spears and darts
have decimated,
at such a snail's pace,
our once-protecting parents,
that, almost unawares, we're caught,
wordless, shield-less, in the blazing
tumult of the frontline.
Up till now, Virgil's hand.
From this day forward,
the world will be utterly different:
we'll combat the fire
totally on our own.
Guideless, spurred by a secret
quest for common sense,
perhaps, in the long run, we'll realize
the ramparts,
the enemy, the war itself,
are trumped-up shadows
of a fire that's merely
light and ash;
we'll realize: purgatory
and paradise are located
within us.
Copyright © 2013 by Cyrus Cassells. Used with permission of the translator.  
About This Poem
"One of Parcersias's most famous poems, this is a terse, spirited, amusing celebration of the moment when we leave our well-meaning parents and trusted guides behind in favor of our own epiphanies. The classical allusions in Parcerisas's affable poems are never merely ornamental: They're signature gestures of his abiding sense of a timeless Mediterranean world where contemporary and ancient life are magically fused.
--Cyrus Cassells
Forthcoming by Parcerisas and Cassells

Still Life With Children
(Tupelo Press)

July 22, 2013
Francesc Parcerisas (left) is the author of fifteen volumes of poetry. Born in 1944, he is one of Catalan Spain's most celebrated contemporary poets. Cyrus Cassells (rightis the author of numerous books of poetry including, The Crossed-Out Swastika (Copper Canyon Press, 2012). His translation of Parcerisas, Still Life With Children, is forthcoming from Tupelo Press.
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