"Cultural plausibility" --  probably in reference to Macavity The Mystery Cat..

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David. Thanks for the report! Did you hear Ron Schuchard's talk, "Eliot's Cultural Caritas"?  

If so, I'm wondering what it was about.

I won't ask what " cumulative plausibility" is. Ricks is fascinating and fun to listen to, but when he stops, I'm not sure what I've heard….


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The excitement mounts: Sir Christopher Ricks is addressing us tomorrow on 'TS Eliot and cumulative plausibility' In the evening, Christopher Reid, former Fabewr poetry editor, reads to us his own poetry, at Christies St James auction rooms.
Saturday, it's calling upon the country estate of the landed gentry, at Burnt Norton, near Chipping Campden in the Cotswolds.
Yesterday, it was two lectures within the actual  Ionian white and gold interior of St Magnus Martyr Church near London Bridge, but sadly now almost squeezed out of existence /subsumed by all the surrounding commercial office blocks: just glad that St Pauls Cathedral still holds its own in this regard and that Mammon has been kept at a respectful distance from Wren's ultimate achievement..
As Charles Dickens once  attributed to Joe Gargery: 'Wot Larx' !!!