Dear Rick,
Thanks. But it seems to sound more clear if one gives the stress to "Go"; I have been thinking it as "Go dodd in" with the stress on "dodd." It seems hard to say with "U" unless one stresses the first syllable. Does your source explain that?

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> And if anyone who speaks Welsh is on the list,
> I have been going over the pronunciation, but
> I can't see how to pronounce "Y" as in "pin"
> if it is a stand-alone term as in Y Gododdin
> or where the stress goes in Gododdin.
> I've managed the double d as "th" in "then."

I tried to find Y Gododdin pronounced but I wasn't having any luck but I did
find this at

y: in most monosyllables, like the Welsh 'i' (short), otherwise it's like
the sound in English 'up'. However, when it stands alone (like the poem
title "Y Gododdin"), it also sounds like the 'u' in 'up'(so 'Y Gododdin'= 'U