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>>> a self initiated audit
>is a great idea!
>I've often wondered how many of the 148 on the list actually pay any
attention to the list.

> (I happened to notice that one member on the list died in 2008, and yet
his address returns no error messages.)

Off topic here but I worked for a company that had an important database
owned under an employee's name. She had left the company some time back and
I was charged with transferring the database to a generic user and to not
break anything. Not a problem until I got laid off and the database
disappeared for a week.  They feared I had gotten revenge but it was just
that this time someone noticed that an account created by a now ex-employee
was around and so should be deleted.

>As for a command to the listserv to divulge the list members, that may have
been possible some years ago.

No. Only admins could get names but the number of subscribers was public.

>It's an open list, and one's emails are not considered private. However, in
this day and age, I am certain that some list members would consider a
public list of their emails an invasion of privacy.

I think that the list emails should be available only to the membership as
is the case now.

   Rick Parker