Ron Schuchard's talk was about the multitude of examples of Eliot's pro
bono / charitable actions which the Eliot Project has uncovered, most of
these having previously gone unrecorded.

For example, hundreds of obscure school speech days were uplifted by his
presence, along with a Foreword which he wrote for a book called 'Roll
Call' about the experiences of an Auschwitz concentration camp survivor.
The book so far has not been traced.

Ron says that the Eliot Project will be priced for access so that it's
affordable by all users, private individuals being required to pay the very

Ron retires this year: he'll be sadly missed, but that doubtless will be
the Eliot Projects's gain.

Yesterday evening we had a private viewing and reception at Christies,
where they put on display for us Valerie Eliot's private art collection,
which they are auctioning for her charitable trust in November - an
absolute and unexoected delight and treat, during which Christopher Reid,
ex Poetry Editor at Faber and Faber read us some of his own poetry.

Chistopher Ricks as usual managed to lever in a fair bit of Bob Dylan, but
he too helpfully likenened sustained and similar critical comment from
diverse sources as to a skein of woollen fibre - individually pretty weak
but plaited together capable of making very strong thread indeed.