Today, I went to attend an event, where various artistes explained of the science behind various circus acts, such as jugglers and fire-eaters. This was  organized by Circus Flora (a 25-year-old organization in St.Louis that promotes the circus), and the Academy of Science, St.Louis. This was at the Centene Hall on Olive St.

 But before and after the event, I got in some fairly exciting birding, too! I've written the narrative of the Red-tailed Hawk, on my Google album, at

If you click on "slideshow", the photos will appear in order, with the text below the photos; the  Red-tailed Hawk, in downtown St.Louis..mobbed in symphony!

The photos are at high zoom on my bridge camera, so don't look for any quality images. But you will find an explanation of the subject title!

Red-tailed Hawks seem to have adapted very well to the urban environment, and perhaps the increase of rodents in the urban milieu helps these raptors?  I'd like some experts' opinions on this. My Nature guru. S. Karthikeyan, ascribes the increase in the  numbers of the Barn Owl  in my home city of Bangalore, India,  to the increasing rodent population.

Cheers, Deepa

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