There is a pair of scissor tailed flycatchers right near the gate and shed at 
Tucker Prairie. I am nearly certain they also have a nest in the tree right over 
the gate and they get very agitated if you walk under the tree. I have never 
seen a STFL nest though so I could be wrong about the location. I have, 
however, seen lots of birds get mad when I go near their nest and these guys 
are definitely acting defensive.

These guys are glorious and will give you great looks of them flycatching and 
hanging out together on the fence and power lines. Bring your cameras for fab 
pics! I attached 2 bad ones I took with my phone. One is a blurry one of the 

DON'T park right at the gate but stay south of it or very well north. When I 
pulled in today I parked right at the gate and they both perched on the power 
lines over my head and flew around a bit, foraging and putting on a great show. 
However, I realized later that they were doing this because I was keeping them 
away from where they wanted to be near the nest.  Staying on the road and to 
the south of the gate seems to be ok with them; going north of the gate on the 
prairie side disturbs them.

Also, there is a black-billed cuckoo moving around from the large plum thicket to 
the south of the "road" straight west of the shed. It moved south into the woody 
draw. I think they are always there. This is the 3rd year I have seen one in this 
area of the prairie.

Finally, I saw a very odd Indigo Bunting at Reform CA today. He was mottled 
blue and white with maybe a hint of rust along the sides. He responded to both 
Indigo Bunting and Lazuli Bunting playbacks. I haven't really played much with 
buntings though so maybe they all do this. Either way, this guy was really 
interesting looking. Lots and lots of white on his chest and belly. I am going back 
next week and will try and take a picture and/or video, but if anyone else wants 
to chase this guy and figure out what he is here is the location. It is "slightly" 
outside the public use area at Reform though. You might want to call MDC and 
see what you need to do.

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