Back during my first few months of birding, fumbling around the suburbs of Chicago, I had some lucky moments that have never been repeated (admittedly, I was putting more time in then). One was walking into a group of Cedar Waxwings that included very young juveniles, practically in front of my face, in a pretty unlovely park. I was so new at birding that I had to look in my book even to confirm the ID of the adults, but boy those young ones were funny-looking. Gray fluff with just that little strip of yellow. I hope you do find such a crowd this summer!

Cathy Keane - STL City

Re: Cedar Waxwings in TGP
Devin Peipert <[log in to unmask]>
6/2/2013 8:38 AM

Thanks for all the information on CEDW (and for the correction on the four letter code)! Really interesting! It would be fun to locate one of the few nesting sites in St. Louis area over the summer.
Devin and Victoria
St. Louis City

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