Thanks for all the information on CEDW (and for the correction on the four
letter code)! Really interesting! It would be fun to locate one of the few
nesting sites in St. Louis area over the summer.

Devin and Victoria
St. Louis City

On Sat, Jun 1, 2013 at 6:12 PM, Joshua Uffman <[log in to unmask]>wrote:

> Devin:  In regards to Cedar Waxwings in not only St. Louis, but
> Missouri. I would tell you the eBird data is 100% correct and in line with
> not only my own personal observations, but also consistent with Birds of
> Missouri (Robbins and Easterla, 1992) regarding spring migration:
> "There are two distinct periods when birds move through the state at this
> season [spring].  The earlier, more conspicuous migration (less clearly
> defined because of the presence of winter residents), occurs primarily in
> March.  The second movement is during the last two weeks of May and early
> June.  During the later period, birds are encountered state-wide in
> relatively large numbers (in the hundreds)....."
> As to their summer breeding status - The are rare and local breeders
> throughout the state.
> Hope this helps,
> Josh
> Joshua Uffman
> St. Louis County, MO
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> *Subject:* Cedar Waxwings in TGP
>  We found three cedar waxwings in TGP this afternoon. The park was
> otherwise inactive, and the only two migrants found were a great-crested
> flycatcher and a red-eyed vireo.
> There are many May records for CEWA in St. Louis, but significantly fewer
> in June (in eBird anyway). This may just reflect that fewer people are
> birding in June than May, though we're also wondering if the species occurs
> less during these months. Anyone with insight on this?
> Good birding,
> Devin Peipert and Victoria Lungu
> St. Louis City
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