Via a BDR to KCI yesterday (5/28) I birded few spots in central and western MO. Highlights
Eagle Bluffs
Willow Flycatcher - 1 at the end of Sapp Tract near the river in the willows
Bean Lake. Still good mudlfat, slightly more water.
American Avocet - 4
Stilt Sandpiper - 1
Semipalmated, White-rumped, and Pectoral Sandpipers nice breeding plumages
Dunlin - 1
Semipalmated Plover
Wilson's Phalarope - 2
Lake Contrary
Willet - 1
Lesser Yellowlegs
Again numerous Calidris sandpipers near the west end: mostly Semipalmated, White-rumped, and Pectoral
Wilson's Phalarope - 2
Western Kingbirds - many

Peter Kondrashov
Kirksville, MO
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