While working on our pond then later fishing, I was treated to a Bewick's Wren calling from the neighbor's yard to the south of our property.

While we have a nesting pair in one of our bird boxes, there is yet another male that has been calling from the adjacent property to the West of our house.

That makes three males setting up territories within 1/2 mile.

The nesting pair here are throwing me for a loop. Initially, the chose one house and were observed carrying nest material and later he carried in food stuffs, . . . then all went silent for a couple weeks. The third week of silence was breached by the male calling incessantly to be joined by a second bird on the second day of his calling as they checked out yet another bird house later moving into it. This was followed by yet another couple weeks of no major calling - only chip notes around the yard.

Last weekend, I watched as the male began carrying nest material into yet a third bird house (all three bird houses are within a 20 feet diameter circle) and once again the male was/is calling rather routinely.

That said, yesterday and this morning I observed it returning to the second house choice with food stuffs. I'm befuddled, puzzled even. . . could possibly the third house with nest materials be a diversionary tactic, a ruse, a decoy?

In the two or so months we've been monitoring this pair, we yet to see/hear the results of a productive nesting.

Any insight into this confusing behavior is welcomed and would be greatly appreciated.

Bird on!

Chris Barrigar
Cole Co.
Russellville, MO
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