This is the area of Grindstone NA Paul introduced us to several years ago on a Connecticut hunt, and  we have had successt in the past.  

I spent much time in this area between 11 and 12:30.  Foliage was very wet from morning rain (I became so in very short order).  Birds could have been there, but I did not see nor hear likely candidates.

The critical thing may be early arrival.

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO

On May 25, 2013, at 1:49 PM, Douglas, Ryan wrote:

I don't have time to try for Paul's warblers, but.....

In 2010, Phil Wire and I had a Connecticut Warbler in what sounds like the same area, and this general area has also been my go-to spot for Mourning Warblers in Columbia since 2010.

Here's what I would suggest to the Connecticut/Mourning seekers:

-Arrive as early as possible. (The area opens at 6am)
-Park at the Old 63 Lot.
-Cross the big bridge just south of the lot.
-The trail will start to curve to the right past the old silo, and a small trail will branch off to the left at this corner.
-Start birding. Bird the heck out of that small trail and the main trail. Mournings are relatively "common" in this area, but not always vocal. You may need to crash through/crawl under the vegetation, but this is a pretty good spot for both of these warbler species. I had to crawl on my stomach to get a look at the Connecticut in 2010, then, naturally, it sang for Phil, who waited on the trail.

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