Swainson's finally!  I walked down to the river property next to our house.... was finally able to mow a path so the stinging nettle wasn't up to my waist......heard a Swainson's first thing right next to the highway. He was singing when I got there and I didn't even have to play the song.  Trees are huge, cane is huge and quiet a bit of it but not dense like I usually see them in. I walked down the road a ways and played the song and had another....same?  not sure how big an area they take but had close looks on and off for an hour of at least one.  Other interesting birds...
Blue Winged Warbler
Kentucky Warbler
Oven bird
Common Yellow throat
Great Crested Flycatche
Fish Crow
Worm Eating Warbler
Acadian flycatchers
Northern, Rough winged and Cliff Swallows....

tried for a cerulean but couldn't be sure on the call. Trees are so tall and under-story dense. No positive looks.  Saw a fledgling nuthatch, he couldn't fly but he could creep up the tree :)    
Cindy Bridges
Couch Mo
Oregon County
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