A few years ago the Malones found a group of Bell's Vireos at Columbia Bottom.  This spot continues to be productive for them as there were many there today.  For those unfamiliar with the spot take the paved entrance road thru the open fields.  Eventually you will have some trees on your left and then a lot of small trees/bushes on your right as well.  Drive another 75-100 yards past the point where trees are on both sides of the road, park and listen.

Orchard Orioles were very common at CBCA today, particularly walking down the paved bike path from the boat launch ramp.  Shorebirds were very scarce as it seems that there is too much water in the ponds along the gravel road.  Walking back to the flooded area to the right of the gravel road (right as one comes from the entrance) there were some shorebirds flying around back there, but they were beyond scope range.
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