Following Dave Haenni's post I had to head up Hwy 79 this morning (Lincoln 
County).  Did not quite have all the luck he did but, some really good birds.

Keeteman Road
1 - Black-bellied Plover
2 - fully alternate American Golden Plover
1 - Willet
1 - Ruddy Turnstone
1 - Stilt Sandpiper
6 - Wilson's Phalarope
No dowitchers or godwits that I could find.

eBird checklist with some photos here:

Up to BK Leach CA - Bittern Basin Unit I had:
1 - American Bittern
19 Black-necked Stilt (I am sure there are more)
Did not get the White-faced Ibis I had hoped for.

Down to BK Leach CA - Original Unit
1 - Black-billed Cuckoo, my 2nd of the year and was able to get a photo of this 
1 - Alder Flycatcher singing, also got a photo
eBird checklst with some photos here:

For those interested in either of the last two birds, both were found in the 
last willow stand that crosses the maing gravel road BEFORE turning right to the 
maintenance shed.


 Joshua Uffman
St. Louis County, MO
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