Mark Paradise and I birded Busch CA and Weldon Spring CA (St. Charles County) on 
this beautiful morning and had some pretty good birds.

Weldon Spring CA - "Blue Grosbeak Trail"
1 - Willow Flycatcher (my FOY)
1 or 2 Least Flycatchers
3-4 Marsh Wrens
Our only Wilson's Warbler and Palm Warbler for the morning were found here
2 - CLAY-COLORED SPARROWS.  These birds were at first feeding on the trail with 
White-crowned Sparrows, just before the trail splits.  They quickly flew up and 
perched just a couple feet off the ground.  Then, while watching them, the 
first-year male HARRIS'S SPARROW (previously reported) hopped out in the same 
tree. We later had the HARRIS'S SPARROW at the top of the hill when coming 
from the parking lot. 
1 - Henslow's Sparrow in the fields on the right at top of hill

Busch CA - Hampton Lake
1 - Osprey, later seen near Lake 21

Busch CA - Lost Valley Trail
The highlight here was a single BLACK-BILLED CUCKOO amongts the numerous 
Yellow-billed Cuckoos.  

1-Gray-cheeked Thrush amongst the many Swainson's Thrushes
Of the 19 species of warblers we recorded here, highlights were: (3) 
Golden-wingeds, (1) Bay-breasted Warbler, (2) Cerulean Warblers, (2) Blackpoll 
Warblers, and a single Black-throated Green. I am sure we missed many.

Lastly - At the Weldon Spring Katy Trail Acccess we estimated there to be 3000 
Cliff Swallows resting on the powerlines near the boat ramp - Quite a sight.


Joshua Uffman
St. Louis County, MO
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