Weston Bend SP is a great place for warblers, yet there have been NO SPARKS reports for 2013.  Go check out the warblers at Weston Bend.  Is the Hooded back?

What's going on at Hawn SP?  There is wonderful habitat diversity.  Are there Blackburnian Warblers coming through?

What sparrows are joining the Greater Prairie Chickens at Wah-Kon'-Tah Prairie CA?

Are there Hooded Warblers nesting at Roaring River CA?

What's going on at Pershing SP on the boardwalk and on the area added on the west side?

What's taking advantage of the habitat work done near Ozark Caverns at Lake of the Ozarks SP?

What is moving along Clear Creek on that excellent flat trail at Canaan CA?

What habitat niches are at Manito Lake CA?

Most of these parks and conservation areas have Birders' Guide entries on the ASM website.  You can find directions to and information about birding these places at

Edge Wade
ASM Conservation Partnership Coordinator
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