Hi Jack and all,
I was in TGP about 1030 or 11 for a short time.  Saw the Gray-cheeked 
Thrush and a couple from near Shaw Nature Reserve saw the Ovenbird and N 
Waterthrush.  We three enjoyed an Olive-sided Flycatcher (silent while 
we watched it as it hunted from its usual perch west of the "Magnolia" 
house).  At the "Ruins" I had seen two pair of Wood Ducks with a few 
ducklings in the main pond.

Yesterday afternoon I had driven out to Columbia Bottom about 530pm 
after David Becher's posting of Loy's sighting of a Black-necked Stilt 
there.  Saw 5 or 6 Snowy Egrets, scattered Great Egrets, Solitary 
Sandpipers, some Red-tailed Hawks and Blue-winged Teal in all the ponds 
including a few Teal ducklings, but no Stilt.

Jackie Chain
St Louis County
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On Tue, May 14, 2013 at 1:31 PM, Jack Cowan wrote:

  Tower Grove Park not too birdy this morning. Spent about an hour in 
the park.  Found a Gray-Cheeked Thrush, an Ovenbird and a Northern 
Waterthrush at the  bubbler. Found Eastern Wood PeeWee in the grove. 
Heard Great Crested Flycatchers  calling. At Cypress Circle, found a 
female Scarlet Tanager and a Red-eyed  Vireo.
Jack Cowan
South St. Louis
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