Good morning:

Yesterday I was on my way to Red Bridge well before dawn.  It was very foggy.  I hoped that this might be helpful and concentrate a dropout.  I think that it worked.  The birding was very good.  I have not seen numbers like that for several years.  By noon the singing had dropped considerably and the wind was much stronger but still found some good birds.  Traveled Red Bridge road-Columbine road-Red Bridge-Tabor Hollow road-H hwy-Round Mt road-Cambridge road-Hwy 65-Busiek Cons. area-back to the Spfd Nature Center.  Some quick highlights:  2 excellent views of Black-billed cuckoo with one only 15 foot away!  Three Olive-sided flycatchers all which were found by hearing them singing and then getting to see them.  A large bird flying overhead near the Red bridge over Bull creek which was a Common merganser.  Ended the day with 27 species of warbler.  Following are some sightings and numbers for the entire day.

Prothonotary warbler----------- 5
Blue-winged-------------------- 7
Golden-winged------------------ 1 (only at Busiek)
Tennessee---------------------- 192
Orange-crowned----------------- 2 
Nashville---------------------- 33
N. parula---------------------- 51
Chestnut-sided----------------- 11
Magnolia----------------------- 7
Yellow-rumped------------------ 40
Black-and-white---------------- 36
Cerulean----------------------- 4 (only at Busiek)
Black-throated green----------- 5
Yellow-throated---------------- 14
Prairie------------------------ 5
Blackpoll---------------------- 3
Pine--------------------------- 22
Yellow------------------------- 1 (at Red bridge)
Kentucky----------------------- 28
Hooded------------------------- 5
Worm-eating-------------------- 12
Ovenbird----------------------- 39
L. waterthrush----------------- 10
N. waterthrush----------------- 1(found in a tree feeding with mixed group of warblers)
C. yellowthroat---------------- 3
Chat--------------------------- 13
A. redstart-------------------- 11
Summer tanager----------------- 17
Scarlet tanager---------------- 15
Rose-breasted grosbeak--------- 18
Blue grosbeak------------------ 3
Baltimore oriole--------------- 15
Orchard oriole----------------- 6
Wood thrush-------------------- 5
Swainson's thrush-------------- 81
Gray-cheeked thrush------------ 3
Yellow-billed cuckoo----------- 26
Black-billed cuckoo------------ 5
Greater roadrunner------------- 1
Olive-sided flycatcher--------- 3
Yellow-bellied flycatcher------ 1
Sedge wren--------------------- 2 (heard singing in a field near Bull creek-Cambridge road)

First several hours was a cacophony of bird song and many birds simply lost to my ears and eyes.  But it was great.  Good luck over the next several days of birding.

David Blevins
Greene county 

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