Did a "big morning", birding from the Al Foster trail off of Old  State rd 
in St Louis Co down river to the main section of Castlewood SP and  several 
areas in between this morn

Easily the birdiest day so  far this spring.  Not only by number of species 
but also by individuals of  the various species.

Habitat is mainly oak/hickory upland and  mature floodplain forest so kind 
restricted to what one can  get

Still really good morning for  birding

-chuck-wills widows
-where  zombie rd(now called rock hollow trail) meets the Al Foster trail 
had  a very cooperative hooded and golden wing warbler come in real  close 
while at the same time a black-billed cuckoo was calling above  me
-3 singing mourning warblers at Castlewood SP(one was on the  hillside 
right across from the office)

Also of note the was  that the  "high ridgeline" effect was definitely in 
play this morn.The  ridgeline effect is where incoming migrating birds will 
often land along the  highest areas first
The bluffline up along the bluff trail at  Castlewood SP was pretty insane 
this morn.In my own opinion I find that  the ridgeline effect often blows 
away the more well known and more birded  migrant traps like Tower Grove and 
Forest Parks when it comes to concentration  of birds in a small area(grant 
it, the flat urban parks are easier to get to and  bird)

Hopefully tomorrow will prove just as  birdy

-Mike Brady
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