As I was driving out of Eagle Bluffs, Edge Wade came zooming in  --- and I
though "hmm, I better check emails"  --- which caused me to turn around and
join the crowd watching shorebirds in the distribution channel.  Large storm
clouds were on the western horizon, some speculation that birds were coming
down to avoid the storm.


In the distribution channel, in the section just downstream from the cross
levee (next pool downstream from the junction box) - large numbers of
shorebirds were on the far shore, mostly in marsh/corn stubble.  One
Hudsonian Godwit in with an estimated 50 Willets (yes, more willets than I
have ever seen in one location); several Black-bellied Plovers; lots of
Wilson's Phalaropes; mixture of peeps, pecs, dowitchers.  Willets were in
constant conversation. There was a flyover of 10 White-faced Ibis, 20 Black
Terns, a Snowy Egret and a Little Blue Heron.


In the distribution channel before the junction house, Pectoral and Stilt
Sandpipers plus yellowlegs and semi-palmated plovers remained.   In pool 10
along the one-way loop, again lots of shorebirds in the marsh stubble -  at
least 100 Wilson's Phalaropes - peeps, yellowlegs.  I think I heard the
peregrine did a flyover.  Also heard that there were many warblers in the
willows of pool 13.


Two Great Horned Owls were calling softly across the channel as darkness



Jean Leonatti

Boone County

Columbia,  MO



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