This post includes both Kansas and Missouri sightings since we birded in both . . .


Yesterday EJ and I tried the Wakarusa arm of Clinton Lake which had absolutely no shorebirds. The mudflats are closer to the road now, but I suspect the new mudflats have no food - they were baked last fall and frozen last winter and recently inundated.

At Baker Wetlands we had the previously mentioned GLOSSY IBIS. We slogged through the restoration area turning up 3+ American Bittern, 16 Sora, 6 Virginia Rail, and 22 Yellow-headed Blackbird (mostly female - it's getting to be that time in spring).

Today we thoroughly birded Wyandotte County Lake driving the road and stopping quite often to listen and walk around. We spend ~6 hours there and had 24 species of warbler including 2 Golden-winged, 2 Chestnut-sided, 1 CAPE MAY, 4 Blackburnian, 1 Magnolia Warbler, 1 Black-throated Green, and others. EJ photographed the May, which can bee seen in the following checklist.

Yellow-rumps are unusually common in mid may as others have noted - so are Orange Crowns. Tennesses were not abundant, and many/most warblers we saw were males (excluding YRWA and OCWA), so hopefully there's many more.


The Bean lake checklist is not entered yet, but we had 9 Hudsonian Godwit, 5 Willet, 3 Sanderling, and some others. A Peregrine was there. Of course the RUFF was a highlight, and EJ got some photos.

Jon King
Lawrence, KS

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