I had plans to go to St Louis to Lost Valley, but an early call from work
ended that.  So staying local, I made a trip to Columbia to the Forum
Nature area and then about a half mile of the MKT trail.

A wise choice.  Although my warbler count was low the highlights were a
pair of Canada Warblers and a female Golden-Winged Warbler on the
MKTtrail.  Not far from where a conservation area starts (I forget the
and a link to a subdivision I turned around and as I did a Black-Billed
Cuckoo flew and landed 20 yards away in the open for great looks.

I have never been here before so thanks to all of the Columbia birders that
have posted about this site as it inspired me to go there!!

In the afternoon spent a couple hours at Eagle Bluffs.  Where did all of
the water go?  Was there two weeks ago...  Anyway, with high winds and
being the afternoon I focused on the shorebirds.  While watching shorebirds
in the distribution channel two While-Faced Ibis flew in and landed for
great looks.  Also a nice variety of shorebirds to go through.

Steve Griffaw
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Jefferson City

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