This morning after arriving at work I heard the call of a Tennessee Warbler so decided to sneak in a quick half hour of birding.  Found the warbler and also found a Clay Colored Sparrow.  This was in the trees behind the state parking lot at main and Missouri in Jefferson City.  I saw the sparrow on the end of the row of tress between the back of the lot and the railroad track.

Also yesterday we had an invasion of Cedar Waxwings at the Truman building across from the Capital.  When leaving the building in the morning for an early walk the tree to the right was covered in waxwings.  Must have been over 100.  It looked like a Christmas tree with ornaments.  I went out several other times throughout the day and although the numbers were lower there were at least twenty still in the tree each time.  I have seen of course many large flocks of waxwings in the past but never so concentrated in one tree like that.

Steve Griffaw
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Jefferson City Mo

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